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Recruitment Services

It is not an overstatement to say that to a large extent, a company’s sustained survival and growth depend on the people it employs.

Personnel hiring is thus amongst the most critical decisions a company has to make. The services of professionals with in-depth know-how and extensive hands-on experience in personnel recruitment and selection can significantly assist in ensuring timely and sound hiring decisions; that is where we come in!

Our dedicated team of experts is specialized in singling out talented and promising individuals and will swiftly provide you with a shortlist of candidates.


We offer tailor-made assistance to clients wanting to save time by outsourcing the administration and logistics of the recruitment process; this is to include:-

  • Preparation of the job profile and the recruitment plan
  • Candidate Sourcing: Online (eKazi.co.tz) and offline advertising, along with professional networking;
  • Candidate initial screening; [assessments of skills and competency]
  • Reviewing all applications and selecting the most promising applicants for the preliminary interview;
  • Administering tests where appropriate
  • Conducting detailed interviews and referencing
  • Submitting a shortlist of the most qualified candidates